I’ve just spent 6 days at Woodford volunteering on the burlesque themed Parlour Bar. I first visited the Woodfordia site for the Dreaming Festival with Ngapartji Ngapartji in 2007 and was at Woodford 2010/11 tour managing the amazing 9 piece brass band from Edinburgh Orkestra Del Sol. So not as long or involved history as some people have but I have seen the festival and site from a few different angles. And I am IMPRESSED!

I plan to do some interviews with people who work on the festival but in the mean time I’ve been inspired to post because it is such a brilliant thing to see an event which caters to so many people (150,000 this season) which has a $10M budget and runs predominantly by volunteers who are in turn managed by 120 department heads, run so well. The Festival caters to over 25,000 people a day – so it’s the same size as Alice Springs and has high demands for sewerage, first aid, etc. 

It has incredible systems in place and also maintains an inclusive, connected and highly positive culture. I am curious about where the leadership comes from that has created this – is it individuals or collective leadership (I suspect both). Stay tuned for more on Woodford.

And Happy 2013!!